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> alesj wrote:
> Does this work out-of-the-box for multiple circular depending deployments (aka OSGi bundles, which is what we're aiming for)?
> How are service's invalid configs reported -- A on B in ctor, and vice-versa?
> I guess they just don't ever get resolved -- failing at check complete?
Look at the tests, e.g. testTransientComplicatedCircular(), or write a new one if you think its not handled. ;-)
I don't think I've got full coverage on the tests since there's a lot of edge-cases with the
backwards compability handling, but I've got all of the basics.
Circular dependencies will only work if the DependencyItem explicitly invokes semiResolve()
(or it has some other way of handling it). So it doesn't change anything for existing implementations.
The checkComplete() should work fine. If the circular dependency can be resolved, its DependencyItem will
be in the RESOLVED state, so it won't appear in the IncompleteDeploymentException (IDE).
If its only in the SEMI_RESOLVED state, i.e. something is missing, it will appear in the IDE.


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