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1) Yes, it is a hard dependency, but it is also a tradeoff between a simple way of managing a set of resources vs a full blown governance system with version management, deployment management etc. So unless the latter becomes available, I think the current way is what is there which I think is sufficient for a lot if not most usecases. Ofcourse, we are always open to contributions, even small ones that take away the some of the limitations without making everything to complex.
2) No idea... there is nothing in jira, and some of the 'choices' were not realy choices in the sense that limitations were put in place deliberately. Again, in many cases it is sufficient for now.
3) Some discussion about this can be found in the developer forum. The developer of the rules integration has the opinion that it currently is sufficient to just fire all rules and have less granularity. This compared to the number 1 and 2 I agree with you.


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