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I'm not sure what happened to my entire post... I have all the content but only the first paragraph appeared, and I can't edit the first post.
At least I'm glad I had it on my copy&paste buffer. So, reposting it (sorry for the dup):
I'm making a few changes on the the CreateDestinationDeployer. Instead of having the Deployer calling the Bean creations directly I'm having it to reuse another deployer.
This deployer is currently using pluging to create a destination. I'm currently asking the plugins what outputs they are going to make. So when the plugin is added I'm basically calling addOutput as you can see at the source code:
The plugin is loaded through the CreateDestination class:

CreateDestination is encapsulating the Factory usage:
I'm registering the output on DestinationFactoryDeployerPlugin using by doing:
unit.getTransientManagedObjects().addAttachment(JMSConfiguration.class.getName(), config, JMSConfiguration.class);

I had to add a hack on the deployer to make it work (by basically calling the deployer's directly) but I was expecting MC to handle the invocation for me. For some reason this is not working.
I'm not sure what's going wrong.

thanks for any help


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