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> dgolovin wrote:
> As said above you have EAR, EJB and WAR projects. Are they just regular WTP projects? Do you have any additional features enabled for those projects?
It mainly concerns an EAR project, which consists of one EJB module and one WAR module. It is absolutely a regular WTP project, although one with a history that goes way back. Originally it was only a MyEclipse web project in 2003, which got upgraded to newer versions of Java, newer versions of MyEclipse, etc. Then at some time it was converted to a MyEclipse EAR project, then converted to a WTP project and then recently the WAR module was renamed.
I think we've been careful to remove all old cruft, basically by creating new projects and copying the resources over, but it's not unthinkable of course that some old stuff lingers behind. I did a check with a newly generated project again to compare configuration files and I couldn't really find anything obvious. If there's any possible suspected config file for which I need to post its content, please let me know.
I don't really have a lot of additional features enabled, just the standard JSF facet. I also don't have a lot of plug-ins installed. My installation consists of Eclipse Java EE edition, JBoss AS Tools (just the server adapter) and the Subversive SVN plug-in (latest, instead of the 3.5 semi-bundled one). One thing that is ruled out is my computer, OS or Eclipse installation, since I encounter the problem at two totally different workstations (one OS X based, one Ubuntu based).
The thing with creating the JIRA issue is that it's fairly hard to reproduce, although it seems to happen most often if I initially changed some files while the server was running, then stop the server, change some more files and then start it again. If it's allowed to create such 'vague' issues, with difficult to reproduce problems, I'll put that in the issue.
Since we actually have two different issues here and Jan seems to have more details about the issue where a recently saved file actually appears as-if it had been made a deployable artifact, I think it's better that he creates an issue for that. I'll create another issue then about the case where the deployment still looks all right and where a simple clean fixes matters again.


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