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The CDDeployer is not used for HQ-xml files.
That's only used when deploying a MDB containing queues. There's an option on the MDBContainer, to let it create destinations.
I was putting CDDeployer to create the JMSConfiguration which is the input for the RealDeployer, and it is not kicking.
the CreateDestinationDeployer is being instantiated before the HornetQJMSRealDeployer, as I have added some logging on it:
> 10:08:57,084 INFO  [CreateDestinationDeployer] Adding output: org.hornetq.jms.server.config.JMSConfiguration
> 10:08:57,084 INFO  [CreateDestinationDeployer] Factory: org.jboss.as.integration.hornetq.deployers.DestinationFactoryDeployerPlugin
> 10:08:57,086 INFO  [HornetQJMSRealDeployer] Instantiating HornetQJMSRealDeployer
The last message is from HornetQJMSRealDeployer's contructor. What means the CreateDestinationDeployer is being instantiated first, and setting the output before HornetQJMSRealDeployer is created.


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