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Thank you for your reply. 
 The solution which you have stated seems to be sound suitable in general but it seems to be not possible in my process.
 As my process is like this : a  process is started by normal user ( can also be admin ) and after starting that process should be available to both normal user as well as admin also.
Based upon the user +authentication, it will display  the following information:+
For Normal user, it provide with two options as ----1) can modify the process information and re submit. 2) He can cancel the process but before it is assigned to any one by admin only. 
For admin user, it provide with two option as-- 1) to Assign to a particular role. 2) Cancel the process that was started by some user (or admin)
Here also i am facing another problem like how to show the same process with different options based upon user +authentication.+
+Hoping you have understood the process and you will provide me more information on how to proceed further.. +


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