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Author  : Richard Clayton
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I too have been struggling with deployment related issues over the last month (jBPM 4.3 into JBoss AS 5.1.0).  I have never once been successfully able to package a Process Definition and related files as a "bar" and deploy it into JBoss.  In fact, I wish I could post some error code, but JBoss doesn't even hint at the fact that the file has been added to the deploy directory.
My next approach was to write my own upload service for manually adding Process Definitions.  I have a Servlet that receives a Zip file, extracts the file into a temporary directory, and then passes a collection of files to a function that adds the resources to a new deployment.  The code to perform the action has been added below:
//This is injected into the class.
protected RepositoryService repository;
public String addProcessDefinitionFromFileSystem(List resources){
     NewDeployment deployment = this.repository.createDeployment();
     for(File resource : resources){
     return deployment.deploy();


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