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Thanks a lot for your input, Peter!
At first, what I want to say, yes, the editor is not good enough. We need to do more works for it to improve it's usability.
And then, what I want to say, the bpel editors that I used, such as IBM's, Active BPEL's, Oracle‘s and so on aren't all
ease to use. The bpel is a difficult file to read and write whatever GUI or text.
We will go on improving the editor, wish it can be easier to use after a while. I will work over your comment and fix
some bugs or improve it.
Some questions of your comments are actually from WTP WSDL editor. For example, we can't add a partnerlink type
by GUI. I have create a extension for this WSDL editor, but because need some changes from WTP team, so I can't
add the extension to the current jboss tools.
BTW, if you can create some jiras for your problems, it will be great!


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