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> Grid.Qian wrote:
> Hi Max,
> The riftsaw samples are not eclipse project. It has a folder and use ant to deploy them into runtime.
Which we should help fix so they become usable in other setups 
> ------ What does "dynamic project" mean ? Ear, War, BPEL ?
> The war that is in riftsaw samples is a folder, we can't deploy it into server directly. So we need create
> a dynamic web project, then copy these files into it, then deploy it into server as a war.
ok, sure so write that 
> ------ What does "correctly location" mean ?
> The corretly location means we need copy the codes into src, the web.xml into WebContent/web-inf, and
> so on.
Yes, so write that. Users are not mindreaders 
> ------ And why do we suggest manually copying WAR files into these when WTP has  support for including war's into project s?
> You means we can include a war into bpel project and deploy it into server? The bpel project is not a web or j2ee project.
> Has WTP support do like this in bpel project?
well I dont think a bpel deployment contains a war anyway, but a bpel project is a dynamic project, right ? those are possible to include in the module assembly page - at least they should be possible to do.
Ask Rob - thats what the whole reason for having the bpel project be a real WTP project so it could be referenced from war, ear's etc.


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