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Author  : Ali Gohar
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I am trying to run jboss4 and jboss5 on the same machine, both as "all" configuration. JBoss 4.0.2 is using a separate mysql database for its jms queues and clustering (Although there is only 1 node in cluster, itself). And JBoss5 is using its own mysql db for its jms and clustering (same 1 node in cluster, itself). We have configured a separate virtual IP address for JBoss5 and we bind jboss 4 and 5 to different IPs using "-b" option. Both jboss servers start fine but when applications try to lookup message queues on jboss4, it throws error that queue is not bound . Although the queue is there if I check from jmx-console. If i stop jboss5 and start jboss4 on its own then it works perfectly fine. It looks like jms is conflicting with each other. Can anybody please help, and let me know what can I do to fix this problem? Or is it even possible to run jboss4 and 5 on same machine?


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