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Hi all:
I've been modeling a process which is a pipeline in which one can always be sent back from the current state to a preceding one.  This corresponds to a rework request. I handle this by having a decision node at  that uses a variable expression to decide what node to target.
Everything works fine when I have a linear pipeline, but when I introduce forks and joins things become interesting.  Here is a simplified version of a pipeline:
Things mostly work as I would expect.  When my process is at activity *state2* and *state3* (right after the fork)  and I signal state2 with "to rework"  with *state1* as the target, indeed I get an active execution at *state1*.  But if I then signal *state1* to go take the "to fork 1" transition jbpm comes back with a org.hibernate.exception.ConstraintViolationException as tries to execute *state3*.  Now this makes sense to me since there is already an execution at *state3*.

I'm wondering what I should do about it.  For my clients use case it would be acceptable to terminate the original execution at *state3*.  But am curious as to whether anyone else has run into this sort of situation and what they've done to handle it.
Thanks and regards,
Robert Moskal
Brooklyn, USA


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