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I agree that BPEL is not very intuitive, but that is no reason why the editor cannot be.
For example, let's say we start with a new BPEL project. Then...
When the user creates the a new BPEL process file, why does the use have to edit the generated WSDL to add in the Service and the Binding? Instead, have the new BPEL Process File wizard ask the user what inputs and outputs they would like for the process and generate the complete WSDL accordingly.
When the user wants to add an Invoke to the workflow, after dragging the Invoke action to the workflow, the Assign Wizard should aks the user to identify the WSDL, and allow the user to indicate which variables contain the parameter information and will receive the return result. The tool will then a) copy the WSDL into the project, b) add a pertnerLinkType to the WSDL, c) add a pertnerLink to the BPEL, d) add the edditional variables to the BPEL, e) add the Assign actions needed to copy the data among the variables.
Doing similar wizards for the other actions or controls wouldprobably satisfy 80-90% if a user's requriements for defining a BPEL. And it would make doing that 80=90% fairly easy and intuitive. Then only users who need mopre advanced capabilities would need to understand BPEL in depth.


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