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Thanks for responding, let me draw out a slightly simpler process (what I call a pipeline) and I think my needs and my client's use cases will become clear.
Take a look this work flow for making cakes:
At any step in the process someone may discover that something went wrong and the cake has to go back for "rework".  At any point past baking, another department may find a flaw in the baking and may send it back.  The decorators may find that the frosting is imperfect and may send it back there.  Once a cake is sent back in the pipeline it travels forward through all the steps again (even if nothing needs to be done, the department at least has to sign off on the cake).  I modelled it the above way to avoid having to connect every activity to every activity .  Every activity that can initiate a  rework request has an outgoing transition to a common decision and the decision node has an outgoing transition to every node that can be a target.  So you notice tha bakers can only be the target of a rework request and the boxers can only initiate them.
Really this is meant to give my client an overarching view of what is going on in their shop (the actual activity nodes are subprocesses of arbitrary complexity).  These single path pipeline works fine inside of jbpm.  The problem arose when we discovered that certain activities could go on in parallel (sorry my imagination fails me with regard to extending the example).  In fact most of the use cases work for pipelines with forks.  The only time it fails is if you fork then try to transition back to before the fork.
Hope this helps.  I am appreciative of your time.


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