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Yes I did get the warning, but the "Add JSF Capabilities" is confusing for a seam-gen project so I gave up on trying to configure it and just permanently dismissed the dialog.
There is no "Web Root" per se because it's a combination of multiple source folders, so I don't know what the correct value to put here.
There's two source folders, so what's the correct value for "source folder"?
Which folder should be specified for "classes" folder?
Adding the JSF facet is not any better because it requires adding the Dynamic Web Module which doesn't really jive with the seam-gen folder layout. It keeps generating a WEB-INF folder in the view directory...
I'm not really sure what to do.
I guess the easiest way would be to make the layout a bit more Dynamic Web Module friendly (e.g. combine view/ and resources/WEB-INF) and just add the JSF facet...
Any ideas? I'm all out...


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