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Thank you for the very interesting links. The aswer must lay in the details of deployment process. Shame that official docs/wiki is very vague on this topic. So far it seems to me that my assumption was correct, that deployment must be intelligent enough to spot Metro servlet configuration and recognize that Matro stack (bundled in stack) is to be used as WS implementation.
I am just worried how much reliable is this way. Does new version of JBossWS, JBoss, or Metro breaks it?
Yes, I perfectly aware of pros/cons of bundled in ws stack libraries inside EAR/WAR. My summary:
- simple, simpler then in your blog, you don't have to know many details about JBoss internals
- target server agnostit, "hermeutic" solution.
- nearly any WS implementation, including old version, version supporting WS-RPC can be used
- combined with my empiric observation that "all-containing" EARs are common practice not only regarding WS
- much bigger EAR/WAR, slower deploy
- is it really realible solution?
My original reasonwas the very same. In some project we need to support two WS stacks, normal one and one "legacy" with support for WS-RPC ().
The other reason was simple curiosity. Is it possible? How? And poor documentation coverage of this topic.


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