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> The process which was started by him and at what state it is (i.e  whether assignee or not )??
Process is just started. As soon as user clicks submit button on the application form, you collect all application form inputs and user id that made the request and start new instance of the process with all this information as variables.
Next it goes to your task node where you use AssignmentHandler to assign correct user(s), for example you could use following AssignmentHandler class to achieve this:
public class AssignTask implements AssignmentHandler {
  private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
  public void assign(Assignable assignable, OpenExecution execution) {
    // always add administrator
    // get user id from process variable that was set on startup

> but i want to show the process only to login  user and admin and not to all the members in the group.
I was thinking to have a dynamically managed group where admin is always in the group and you add users on runtime but I agree that this is not a good solution since you could have several process instances add the same time started by different users which would result in all of them having access to all tasks.
What do you think?! Will it work for your case?


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