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> jaikiran wrote:
> > mailto:andy.miller at jboss.com wrote:
> >  The issue that this brings up in my mind is that this seems to be global.  You can only have one retry policy defined.  Am I right about that?
> Yes right now it's a global timer service level retry policy.
> > mailto:andy.miller at jboss.com wrote:
> > Is there a way to make it so some timers use one retry policy and others use another?
> I am not sure whether adding a retry policy per timer is appropriate. I'll read the specs for some details around this and update this thread.
I'm not sure about the specification, and I know EJB timers are changing quite a bit in EJB 3.1 (finally), but its very impractical to think that all EJB timers should be treated the same.  However, it doesn't appear that there is a way to do anthing but a global policy.  So, if you have this situation, where you want to do something different with different timers, you will have to break up the application into multiple instances of the server, which may not be practical.  This is probably something to think about in the new EJB 3.1 stuff, then the old EJB 3 (which is just the same EJB 2.x stuff anyway).


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