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Author  : Yong Hao Gao
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* how to customize authentication mechanism for one of several queues in one server without affecting all other queues.

With JBoss Messaging, authentication happens only in connection time. You can configure destinations for which role have what rights. You can find details in the user document.
* how to use customized principal / Login modul to autorize writing into the queue (for example to enable ticket based authentication and don't use username password)
* how to get the caller principal propagated througt the queue to make it accessible for the message consuming MessageDrivenBean
I think the above two questions belongs to AS configuration. I don't know much about the details, you should ask the AS forum for help. Take a look at messaging-jboss-beans.xml for some clue. I think it's possible to configure to use a different login module other than the DatabaseServerLoginModule.


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