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> According to the log, getXAResource() is called on the ManagedConnection-> I create the underlying JMS XA Session
> Then the tm realizes there is no TX and does not enlist the xaresource
> Finally getConnection() is called on the ManagedConnection
> -> It will return the JMS XA session
yes this flow is in the CM::allocateConnection(), you can see the implementation here
> jmesnil wrote:
> It's not clear to me but this seems to imply that a ManagedConnection with XA transaction has to accept doing work outside a transaction.
> I don't find the relevant section in the JCA spec. wdyt?
It does work outside the transaction, you will only get the pooling functionality and not the transparent TX enlistment since this is not called in the TX context.
Check "7.6.4 Scenario: Transactional Setup for a ManagedConnection" of JCA1.5 specs, this talks about the case when the TX propagation is there.
>   If the application server decides that the transaction manager will manage the
>   current transaction, it conducts the following transactional setup on the
>   ManagedConnection instance:
Using the xa resource with transaction context does not make any sense as there is no tx propagation, in such cases no-tx resource could be used.
I don't understand how the Session.recovery would be called in tests where there is no tx propagation, if the TX  is not being present in the usecases then i don't see recovery being called ,  therefore the TX recovey mechanism will not call Session::recovery.
The recovery will come in picture in case of TX only.
I may need to understand the TCK testcase to provide more details.


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