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> vickyk wrote:
> Using the xa resource with transaction context does not make any sense as there is no tx propagation, in such cases no-tx resource could be used.
I agree. Unfortunately, this is to pass TCK tests and some of them uses the same ConnectionFactory with transactions and others don't.
>  I don't understand how the Session.recovery would be called in tests where there is no tx propagation, if the TX  is not being present in the usecases then i don't see recovery being called ,  therefore the TX recovey mechanism will not call Session::recovery.
> The recovery will come in picture in case of TX only.
> I may need to understand the TCK testcase to provide more details.
I was talking about JMS Session.recover(), not XAResource.recover(). 
Session.recover() is used to recover message acknowledgementswhen the JMS session is not transacted. Sorry for the confusion.
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