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Thank you once again for your reply 
Here is the process flow file which i have created based upon requirements. But i am unable to get through it.   & 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<process key="1" name="Work_Order" xmlns="http://jbpm.org/4.3/jpdl">
   <start g="265,16,48,48" name="start" >
      <transition g="-89,-7" name="to generate WON" to="Work Order Number Generate"/>
   <state g="207,96,166,52" name="Work Order Number Generate">
      <transition g="-111,-9" name="to Workshop Incharge" to="Workshop Incharge"/>
   <decision g="264,190,48,48" name="Workshop Incharge">
          <handler class="workorder.ContentEvaluation" />
      <transition g="6,2" name="to Assign" to="Assign and Send Mail"/>
      <transition g="-49,-18" name="to Modify" to="Modify and Re-submit"/>
      <transition g="462,212:-80,-16" name="to Withdraw WO" to="Cancellation"/>
   <task assignee="nihita" g="224,285,135,52" name="Assign and Send Mail">
      <transition g="116,366:-50,27" name="sending..." to="Send Mail"/>
   <mail g="63,412,108,53" name="Send Mail">
      <transition g="24,-15" name="to Stop" to="end1"/>
      <transition g="293,437:-71,14" name="to Supervisor" to="To Update the Entries"/>
   <sub-process g="235,604,119,52" name="Complete and Mail">
      <transition g="114,629:8,-22" name="sending..." to="Send Mail"/>
   <end g="443,402,48,48" name="end1"/>
   <task g="58,288,135,52" name="Modify and Re-submit" >
      <transition g="125,214:-68,-18" name="to re-submit" to="Workshop Incharge"/>
   <task g="419,281,92,52" name="Cancellation">
      <transition g="-40,-22" name="to stop" to="end1"/>
   <task g="230,510,127,52" name="To Update the Entries">
      <transition g="-52,-7" name="to update" to="Complete and Mail"/>
 Can you help me where i went wrong in the above file.?? 


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