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I've setup JBOSS Portal to use my own authentication policy which points to my own database scheme with username and passwords.
My issue is that I still get a "HTTP Status 500 - No authenticated user" error when trying to access the dashboard (after "sucessfully" logging in with user details from the custom schema). If I put a corresponding entry in the JBP_USERS table with the same username then I can access the dashboard (the entry doesn't require a password, the username just needs to be set to allow me access).
I know that the custom authentication policy is being used successfully because even with the entry in JBP_USERS I wasn't able to access the dashbopard until I setup the "Authenticated" role for my users in the custom schema (so I know it's using the roles from that schema).
Can anyone suggest a reason why this entry is still required in JBP_USERS even thought the custom schema and authentication policy are being used? I'm assuming the portal code is taking the username from the session (after the successful login) and trying to match it to it's own database for some reason but I'm not sure why it should be doing this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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