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   In jbpm3.X ,we could define private variable and general variable ,but in jbpm4.x, i coudn't find this function.
   i found there are two methods to create variable in jbpm4.x

one method:
   executionService.setVariable(executionId, name, value) 
  two method:
   taskService.setVariables(taskId, variables) 
  so i made a experiment,i define a workflow with two task nodes ,in task1 node, i create one  variables like that:
  taskService.setVariables(task1.getId(), "var1");
  in task2 node,i think i shouldn't get the var1 which created in task1
  but  i was suprised  when i user this code
 taskService.getVariable(task2.getId(), "var1")
the result is i could get variable var1 in task2
so ,how could i create a variable only exist in one task ?
my spoken english is little poor,thansk all..


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