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I have the feeling (probably wrong) that the process should be running under JBPM Console.
Samples i saw always redirect to jbpm console, creates instances, and show forms if the state requires it.
Ok, perfect.
I think that develop a web application, that calls jbpm for some interaction is easy too (for example i saw junit test that creates&move the instances).
But, my problem is... ok, now, I would develop a web application that start a process and in some states i have a form associate with the state.
How can i do this? Show a form because one state needs some information, and obviously all control of wich form must be show i need that be gobernate by process (and jbpm)
I think that is possible, because JPBM Console do this.. but i don't know what is the most easy path for doing this.
I suppose that i need to read the form from state, and invoke to ftl file.. but i don't know how.
I suppose that this case is very common, but i don't find any tutorial that guides me.
Thank you!


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