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"How to define a read-only connection ?"

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> Roberto Mazzola wrote:
> I try it but it doesn't works.
> I change my DS to
> <connection-property name="readOnly" type="java.lang.Boolean">true</connection-property>
> It reply always "false".
> I try different way.. also using java standalone class but the only  way is to invoke directly the setReadOnly method on the connection
> I opened also a post of IBM DB2 Forum....
> I hope to find a solution...
> ty
Actually that won't work.

I checked the dtd and there is no type="" attribute for ConnectionPropertys in -ds.xml,
only for ConfigPropertys in ra.xml

You might want to raise a feature request for it in JIRA?

If you can make your datasource XA, then you will be able to use
<xa-datasource-property name="readOnly">true</xa-datasource-property>
and it will work out the type from the setReadOnly(boolean) method.

For local datasources we don't know the types since we use
java.sql.Driver.connect(String, Properties);
and like I said above, there is no way to specify it.


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