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"Stability of the ejb3.1 spec in AS6M2?"

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> Yucca Nel wrote:
> Yes  :)  
Okay. Now that we are on the same page (literally  ;) ) here's some details about that error message. If you look at the same 19 section of the spec, you will *also* notice:

> Enterprise bean’s local business interface. If the bean class has a local business interface and neither implements the business interface nor specifies it as a local business interface using metadata annotations on the bean class, the Bean Provider must specify the fully-qualified name of the enterprise bean’s local business interface in the business-local element.
The usage of local/business-local and remote/business-remote is the most confused ones in EJB3.

Starting EJB3, we now have "business interface"(s), which is a Plain Old Java Interface. So you have *business* local and *business* remote interfaces (their annotations are @Local and @Remote respectively). To configure them in xml, you use <business-local> and/or <business-remote> elements. These are plain java interfaces (and are known as business interfaces) and provide a EJB3.x view for the bean. Furthermore, EJB3 is backward compatible. What this means is, you can have EJB2.x view for your bean. The EJB2.x view has a local/remote *(component)* interface and corresponding local/remote home interfaces. Such *component* local/remote interfaces extend javax.ejb.EJBLocalObject/javax.ejb.EJBObject respectively. The local/remote *component* interfaces are configured using the <local> (and/or) <remote> element in the xml. So if you use the <local> element in the xml, then you are using the EJB2.x view and are expected to provide a corresponding <local-home> element in the xml (or use a @LocalHome to annotate the local home interface)


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