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"HTML support in mail templates"

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Some old thread but just in case someone still using jbpm 3 and needs HTML support...

First, need to establish mimeType, but, current Mail class from jBPM don't support this feature, so I create a new class based on Mail jBPM class (see attach file)

The magic is here:

 public static void send(Properties mailServerProperties, String fromAddress, List recipients, List bccRecipients, String subject, String text, String mimetype) {
               if (text != null && mimetype == null) {
               } else { // Is another mimeType
                    message.setContent(text, mimetype);

So finally, on your template needs to set mimeType and HTML content (use CDATA for that)

  <mail-template name='task-assign'>
    <subject>Task '#{taskInstance.name}'</subject>
    Hi, Task '#{taskInstance.name}' has been assigned to you.
    Go for it, press <a href="#{BaseTaskListURL}#{taskInstance.id}">here</a>
    <b>---powered by JBoss jBPM---</b>

Remember to set this new class on your jBPM configuration

    <string name='jbpm.mail.class.name'  value='com.gucoba.jbmp.mail.MailAction' />

And here comes some nasty, as you know, your current deployed process needs to take this need parameter, so you have two options:

1. Redeploy your process
2. Update process variables on database

See this url for more information  http://www.redhat.com/docs/en-US/JBoss_SOA_Platform/4.3.CP02/html-single/JBPM_Reference_Manual/index.html#customizingmailsupport http://www.redhat.com/docs/en-US/JBoss_SOA_Platform/4.3.CP02/html-single/JBPM_Reference_Manual/index.html#customizingmailsupport



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