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"Testing jboss-reflect with a SecurityManager enabled"

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I am enabling security for jboss-reflect and going through and adding privileged blocks where needed. Currently I am using this test policy plugin 
public class ContainerTestPolicyPlugin extends TestsPolicyPlugin
   public ContainerTestPolicyPlugin(Class<?> clazz)
   public PermissionCollection getPermissions(CodeSource codesource)
      PermissionCollection collection = super.getPermissions(codesource);
      collection.add(new RuntimePermission("accessDeclaredMembers"));
      collection.add(new RuntimePermission("getClassloader"));
      collection.add(new RuntimePermission("accessClassInPackage.sun.reflect"));
      return collection;

Once I'm done I'll see about adding property files for individual tests, or I might just leave this in?
Anyway, the problem I am having is for the following tests:
* BeanInfoUtilTestCase - which seems to assume that it will ALWAYS be able to set/get  fields whether they are public or private.
* Field-/MethodAccessRestrictionTestCase - which seems to assume that it can set/get private fields when there is no security manager, but not when there is one.

>From what I can work out BeanInfoUtilTestCase was not written with a security manager enabled, so I will modify BeanInfoUtilTestCase to override the delegate so it will never use a security manager no matter what ContainerTest.getDelegate() does.
The next problem is the Javassist version of the Field-/MethodAccessRestrictionTestCase. These fail since the javassist generated accessors (from JBREFLECT-6) are able to access private members, due to inheriting from sun.reflect.MagicAccessorImpl, so we don't get the expected exceptions when calling private members with a security manager enabled. My plan there is to modify JavassistFieldInfo and JavassistMethodInfo to throw an exception if an attempt is made to access them if they are not public and there is a security manager present.


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