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"Copying and Branching a Project"

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Denis Golovin wrote:

+It can be changed in project properties dialog. Select "Web Project Settings" Category and you'll see 'Context Root' field to define it.+

I changed this.  Now it launches with MYPROJECTNEW in the URL, but the server doesn't find any files.  It still doesn't recognize the project

+Change filter preferences to see hidden files which name started from .+

I'm not exactly sure where "Change Filter Preferences" is located?

+Delete hidden CVS meta data after you copied project and share project again. Another approach is exporting it before renaming to get just sources without CVS metadata.+

Do I need to leave the \CVS folder?   I deleted the whole thing and the project wouldn't load.  Do I delete only the files in the folder?

Thank you for your help!!


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