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"JBossWS Native + WS-Security - missing WS-SecurityPolicy info in WSDL"

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Thanks for your response. Which security related annotations do you refer to? I only know the @EndpointConfig on the SEI. I use this annotation like this:
@EndpointConfig(configName = "Standard WSSecurity Endpoint")

The "Standard WSSecurity Endpoint" is defined in:

I did not change this configuration in any way:

    <config-name>Standard WSSecurity Endpoint</config-name>
        <javaee:protocol-bindings>##SOAP11_HTTP ##SOAP11_HTTP_MTOM</javaee:protocol-bindings>
          <javaee:handler-name>WSSecurity Handler</javaee:handler-name>
          <javaee:handler-name>Recording Handler</javaee:handler-name>

So I don't know what is missing to get the encryption started. 

*Does it only work in combination with a JAAS configuration?*

*Does JBoss 5.1.0.GA including JBossWS Native 3.1.2.GA or 3.2.2.GA (JDK 6) support rendering WS-SecurityPolicy in the WSDL at all, when WS-Security is configured on the server side? (I do only want to figure out this issue at the moment. Did not try a client side security configuration (jboss-wsse-client.xml etc.) yet!)*
If this should work, could you please post me the relevant snippets or point to wrong or missing aspects of my setup described so far in this thread?*

Any help highly appreciated.


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