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"Saving proxy classes and using them in Android"

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I am new to the wonderful world of Javassist, and I now have a question:

I have used the very easy and convenient ProxyFactory in the usual way:

{code}     final ProxyFactory proxyFactory = new ProxyFactory();
        proxyFactory.writeDirectory = "/tmp";
        final MethodHandler methodHandler = new MethodHandler() {

            public Object invoke(Object self, Method m, Method proceed,
                    Object[] args) throws Throwable {
                System.out.println("Name: " + m.getName());
                return proceed.invoke(self, args);  // execute the original method.
        proxyFactory.setFilter(new MethodFilter() {

            public boolean isHandled(Method m) {
                // ignore finalize()
                return !m.getName().equals("finalize");
        final Class klass = proxyFactory.createClass();
        Invoice invoice = (Invoice) klass.newInstance();
        ((ProxyObject) invoice).setHandler(methodHandler);

That works great.  When I call methods on the invoice object there, I immediately see that my MethodHandler is invoked.  Super-cool!

Also, it does one more thing: it saves a new class file, with a name like Invoice_$$_javassist_0.class .

What I would like to do is be able to use that generated class, without needing to have the bytecode present.  The reason for this is I want to use it within Android, and Android doesn't use regular class files.  If I can use the ProxyFactory to write out the class files, then I can build my Android DEX files using those class files.  But I don't know how to load or make use of the generated files like Invoice_$$_javassist_0.class.

Does my question make sense?  I assume that ProxyFactory is able to save those class files for a good reason, but I can't find out how to make use of them.



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