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Tue Mar 30 05:20:30 EDT 2010

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"Problems with usage python language in jpdl.xml"

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Hi !
I had localized this problem. The class org.jbpm.pvm.internal.script.EnvironmentBindings doesn`t store locale variables from script:
+*public Object put(String key, Object value) {
    return null;

Groovy engine ignores it and stores local variables in its own storage.
Jython engine obeys the limitations of Bindings, so it can`t store local variables if Bindings doesn`t allow it!!!!!

If is it desireable behaviour ?
Possible solution is adding local storage to EnvironmentBindings and to allow putting values in it.
Such as :
+*private HashMap<String, Object> locals = new HashMap<String, Object>();*+
+*+*public Object put(String key, Object value) {
     return null;
+*public Object get(Object key) {*+
+*    if (locals.containsKey((String)key))*+
+*      return locals.+*get((String)key);*+*+
 +*    else      return environment.get((String)key);}*+

What do you think about this?

Thanks a lot, Andrew


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