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"NPE in StateslessContainer at line 396"

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authentiacteUser is mtheod of Statless Session bean  UserService.

here is excerpt from my code

 *interface* UserService{

User authenticateUser ()
*throws* ApplicationException;


 *class* UserServiceBean *implements* UserService {

** User authenticateUser() *throws* ApplicationException {
+out+.println(" in UserServiceBean: authenticateUser");


I am calling this method from servlet client as follows : 

UserService service = (UserService) BeanLocator.+getBean+(


getBean  method in Beanlocater class looks into JNDI and provides the proxy for stateless bean UserServiceBean.

This code works fine in jboss 4.3.2, but not in jbosss 6.0M2

looking into source code of StatlessContainer at line 396

MethodInfo info = advisor.getMethodInfo(methodHash);
         Method unadvisedMethod = info.getMethod();
looks loke info is null, but why? I am not able to understand.






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