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> Jason Greene wrote:
> Can we start by talking about what it does more than just "deploys shrinkwrap archives?"
Nope.  That's all it does.  :) 

> Jason Greene wrote:
> I assume the key capability it is trying to add to the deployer process is the ability to reuse application provided (already loaded) classes, with metadata pointing at them?
The ShrinkWrapDeployer has exactly the same function as MainDeployer, though it accepts different inputs (ShrinkWrap archive instead of VFS Deployment).  Classes are not "already loaded", instead they're defined just as they would be with a normal JAR deployment.  And because everything sits behind VFS, from the perspective of MainDeployer, the ShinkWrap Deployment *is* a VFSDeployment.

The reason I proposed as part of the deployers project is because it's the same functionality as MainDeployer.  It does suck in a ShrinkWrap dependency.  So sure, I could spin it off into a component of Reloaded, but this is above Reloaded too.  Reloaded should bring together the MC and deployment mechanisms, not define them.

And as far as another top-level project, it's just more to maintain.  >From my view, adding this support to jboss-deployers directly makes sense.  If we really don't want the extra dependency (for this one module) coming in, I'll make another home.



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