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AFAIK jbossws-cxf.xml is generated only in case there isn't one provided.
The scenario of deploying both JMS and Servlet endpoints in one war
using one jbossws-cxf.xml DD should be supported.
I don't expect any real issues with this scenario.

2) & 3)
> Jim Ma wrote:
> > If you look at my cxf integration work two weeks ago, you can find what I did except the jbossws-endpoints are mainly follow this suggested approach.  But after I realized the jms endpoints needs the jms queue/topic deployment dependencies, I created the BeanMataData and deliever the KernalDeploymentDeployer to deploy the jms endpoints . At present , we can not resolve the deployment dependency in the DA.
True, you cannot resolve dependency on JMS deployers in DA code. This can be done only in deployers.
But you're able to detect if particular DA is JMS DA or Servlet DA. See my suggestion (the pseudocode)
in my previous post how to resolve this issue in our WSDeploymentAspectDeployer constructor.
IOW *you shouldn't introduce additional deployers in AS IL*. You should *do everything in DAs*
and just *leverage the AS IL integration code*.
   This said I suggest you to delete both BeaMetaData and KernalDeploymentDeployer in our SPI
and rewrite your solution to follow my suggestions  ;) 


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