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"Implementing a non-flat deployment for Weld Integration"

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This thread is for  https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/WELDINT-1 WELDINT-1.

Taking a look at how the deployers are implemented today, I figured I should start by creating a non-flat version of WeldDiscoveryEnvironment first, so we could have a new environment input fot the new non-flat Deployment implementation.

There a few assumptions I'm making right now that I would like to validate:
- the deployment continues to exist per top level only, the only difference we are going to have is in the BeanDeploymentArchives (BDAs)
- if Deployment.loadBeanDeploymentArchive requests for a non-existing BDA, I should search for all archives in the deployment that are not currently BDAs. If one archive containing the requested class is found, I create a BDA for it and return it.

If the assumptions above are correct, the main question I have right now regards two different deployments that can see each other. So, in the scenario described by the Deployment interface javadoc example, whereas we have ejb-jar A and ear B. This is going to be translated in two different deployments, each one containg one or more BDAs (in the case of the ejb-jar, one BDA only). Since those BDAs can see each other, there must be a way for me to reach Deployment A BDAs from Deployment B BDAs. Is there some SPI in the current implementation of weld integration that supports that?


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