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"Notes about Visual Editor"

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h2. Known problems in XULRunner 1.9.2
h3. org.mozilla.interfaces.inIFlasher
inIFlasher does not work on MacOS. It is needed to show a border around selected elements in VPE.
*Workaround:* To show a border on MacOS the following style is used: "border: 2px solid COLOR_NAME !important". But the workaround has a drawback: if the selected elements has its own border, it is not visible.
h3. draggesture event
XULRunner does not fire 'draggesture' event on Linux.
*Workaround:* Special button for Drag&Drop actions is used. Instead of listening to the 'draggesture' events, VPE listens to the 'mousedown' event on this button.


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