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"ClassLoading delegation"

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> I know they use it for class loading.
Who's they?
Where and how exactly are you running this?
> I'm trying to do a classloader which will chain 2 other classloaders. I need this since I'm making a ContainerApp that will get another web application's context (another WAR), say BookingApp, to dispatch requests.
> So whenever ContainerApp has to load classes it will look first at BookingApp, then at ContainerApp classpash itself.
Re-reading this, this actually doesn't look like the hierarchy you described.
It's more of a delegation model, then actual parent-child hierarchy.

In MC's CL you could do this with simply configuring ContainerApp's jboss-classloading.xml to use BookingApp's module / packages.
Since in BaseClassLoaderDomain, we first try imports, before looking into local resources.

But why exactly do you need to change classloader before dispatch?
I must admit I don't see a valid reason, but it's true it's been a while since I did web apps ...


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