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"nested Interceptor-calls"

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Hello there,

i noticed, that nested methodcalls not raise an interception if the methods ar called from an @Interceptor-annotated method (tested for same Interceptor).
an example:

public class ParameterServiceImpl extends BaseEntityServiceImpl<Parameter> implements ParameterService, ParameterServiceLocal {
    @Interceptors(ParameterReloader.class) // first i tried without this...
    public void create(String name, String value, Company company, boolean visible, boolean readonly) {
        Parameter p = new Parameter(name, value, company, visible, readonly);
    public void create(Parameter entity) {

the first method calls the create(Parameter)-method, but the 2nd methodcall does not raise Interception.
*At first i tried it without annotating the first method* and wondering that nothing happens (expected Action if the 2nd method get called).

So this is a bug or a feature to prevent infinite Interceptor-loops?


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