[jboss-user] [Javassist Development] - CtClass getNestedClasses() returns the same class when applied to an anonymous class

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Tue May 18 09:47:06 EDT 2010

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"CtClass getNestedClasses() returns the same class when applied to an anonymous class"

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Another issue about this method : 

I have my anonymous class "com.bla.MyClass$1", which contains another anonymous class, which gives "com.bla.MyClass$1$1".

When I try the getNestedClasses on the first class, it returns the second class (normal I guess, because it is nested), and the first one itself (first bug explained before).

But when I try the getNestedClass on the second class "com.bla.MyClass$1$1", it returns the class itself (the same bug), BUT it returns the declaring class "com.bla.MyClass$1".  Gets me in an infinite loop !

I am trying to search where the problem comes from to fix it. If it's not possible, i would like to know if a class is an anonymous : would be great to have an isAnonymous() method on a CtClass.

Can anybody confirm me he gets the same thing ? And if it is a bug (if not, that's really weird) ?

Anyway, thanks a lot for the brilliant work, javassist helps me a lot in my everyday work !



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