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It finally works!

I added the logging just as you said and it appeared that the keys in my keystore were configured using a DSA algorithm not RSA which is apparantly required by ws-security.

As soon as I changed my keystore, I could succesfully make a webrequest.

Thanks a lot, for assisting me, it really helped me out a lot!

I found out btw by having a META-INF directory in the source folder with the correct files: the keystores, jboss-wsse-client.xml and standard-jaxws-client-config.xml. It automatically detects the settings.

The weird thing is that everything is actually quite straightforward, but because of the documentation that is scattered throughout the jboss website, sometimes using different XML for the same thing, it can become quite a stretch to get everything working.

I can certainly see your point with the "crying out in the wilderness". The JBoss in Action book does a decent job of structuring the documentation, but even there it uses the batch file: wsrunclient, for running the client code which is not realistic in real situation. And as a lot of problems come up while managing dependencies .

A good addition to the documentation would be a page which explains error messages and their solutions. Some of which in run into all the time, for example the `setProperty must be overriden' error. This would of courese be quite a challange, as you've got all the external factors which will make each situation different. But it would be a good starting point.

Well anyway thanks again for the help!


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