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I am an new user of jboss cache pojo edition, and I have a question about searching element in cache. First, I would like to thank the development for working on this good product.

I am currently working on an application, which have highly volatile data (i.e they tend to change every seconds). For the moment, I am using standard persistence for achieving this goal and I want to optimize so someone told me about jboss cache.

I am very happy about writing performance compared to standard persistence but I have a question about reading stuff. In fact, sometimes I need to get a lot of lines (approximately 100) so with standard persistence it is like "SELECT * FROM table where text=?", but with jboss cache I have to get all elements with their fqn, so using jdbc become faster than jboss cache...

I have read about searchable edition, but it seems that it does not work with pojo edition. Do you have any workaround, to achieving my goal, and get jboss cache faster in this case?

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PS : Sorry for my english...


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