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Hi Michael,

I have tested that and is working fine.

I have one more doubt, Currently I am not able to hot deploy my JBPM application in Tomact. What I mean by hot deployment is deploy the application without stopping the Tomcat. When I am trying to undeploy the application without stopping the Tomcat I am getting an error saying that some of the JBPM related resources are in use cannot undeploy the application. So for undeploy and deploy the application everytime we need to stop the Tomcat and start it. This wont be possible once the application moves into production environment because there in one tomcat there might be number of applications running. So stopping tomcat wont be possible. Currently what I am doing following in the code to close JBPM resources:

     * Destroys all the instances.
     * @throws WorkFlowException
     * @throws WorkFlowRuntimeException
    public void destroy() throws WorkFlowException, WorkFlowRuntimeException {
        // destroying the JBPM resources.
        if (null != processEngine) {

This destroy() method will get called when the spring context is getting destroyed that means whenever we are undeploying the application. But this  is not helping me to do a hot deployment. Can you please let me know whatelse I need to do ? What are the other possible JBPM resources I need to close?

With Regards,
Felix K Jose

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