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As this is high on the Google search results for "jboss WS Client Mutual Certificate" and doesn't have a posted resolution, I thought I'd post what I did to get everything working.

The basic principle here is that BOTH the Web Service (WS) and the Web Service Client (WS-C) need to have the other's key stored as "trusted". Specifically, the following needs to be set ON BOTH SIDES:


Now, both sides also need their own keystore. The key of WS needs to be trusted by WS-C and vice-versa. Set the following ON BOTH SIDES:


To get something up and running quickly, use the same keystore and truststore on both sides ... even simpler, you can create a new keystore and simply copy the output file to also become the truststore:

  $JAVA_HOME/bin/keytool -genkey -alias jboss -keyalg RSA
  cp .keystore .truststore

You can also do an explicit import to load a key into a truststore:

  keytool -import -alias jboss -file certificate -storepass changeit -keystore .truststore

This all worked for me. If possible, please provide feedback on gotchas or success stories relating to the above.

All the best,

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