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"Generated WSDL differs between WS Stacks. Bug?"

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Hi guys,

On the Apache jUDDI project we deploy WebServices using the WebService annotation on both the interface as well as on the service implementation. For example:
> In the jUDDI project we generated our WebServices Java classes from  the WSDL using the CXF tooling. For the SecuroityService it created  annotations on the interface of: 
> @WebService(name = "UDDI_Security_PortType", targetNamespace =  "urn:uddi-org:v3_service") 
> public interface UDDISecurityPortType 
> and on the implementation class: 
> @WebService(serviceName="UDDISecurityService", 
>             endpointInterface="org.uddi.v3_service.UDDISecurityPortType", 
>             targetNamespace = "urn:uddi-org:v3_service") 
> public class UDDISecurityImpl extends AuthenticatedService implements  UDDISecurityPortType 
Now if this is deployed to Tomcat + CXF the generated WSDL says:
> <wsdl:service name="UDDI_Security_Port"> 
>   <wsdl:port binding="tns:UDDI_Security_PortSoapBinding"  name="UDDISecurityServicePort"> 
>     <soap:address location= http://localhost:8080/juddiv3/services/security "http://localhost:8080/juddiv3/services/security"/> 
>   </wsdl:port> 
> </wsdl:service>
While when deployed to JBossAS-5.1 (with JBossWS + CXF) the WSDL says:
> <wsdl:service name="UDDISecurityService"> 
>   <wsdl:port binding="tns:UDDISecurityServiceSoapBinding"  name="UDDISecurityImplPort"> 
>     <soap:address location= ""/> 
>   </wsdl:port> 
> </wsdl:service>
So clearly the annotations are used in different ways by the two WS  stacks (even if the CXF implementation is used in both cases).


Are the differences due to a bug, or is the spec unclear as to what to do with the Annotation MetaData? If it is a bug, which WS Stack does the right thing?



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