[jboss-user] Which HA-JMS ConnectionFactory?

Gerald Turner gturner at unzane.com
Mon Nov 22 15:57:29 EST 2010

How should I code transacted HA-JMS sender and receiver non-EJB clients
deployed within a cluster of JBoss containers?

The question is tricky because: we're using JBoss 4.2.3 in "all"
configuration, but would like to upgrade to 5.1 without code changes;
the clients are SAR deployments of custom MBeans; no EJB/MDB whatsoever.

Various informal documentation I've been able to scrape from the web
suggests looking up the ConnectionFactory from local (non-HA) JNDI with
name "java:/JmsXA" and looking up the Queue from HA-JNDI.

JmsXA is not working because evidently (and as it's name suggests) it is
an XAConnectionFactory, and the code:

  QueueSession session =
    connection.createQueueSession(true, Session.SESSION_TRANSACTED);

…is not actually honoring the transcted/mode arguments (javadoc: "usage
undefined"¹).  This becomes a problem when the receiver code issues
session.commit() or session.rollback() which raise the exception
"TransactionInProgressException: Should not be call from a XASession".

I've searched for examples of using XASession from a non-EJB client and
haven't come up with anything.  I suppose I could try experimenting with
session.getXAResource², but first problem faced would be how to allocate
Xid objects, and then I imagine there will be failures because the
underlying DataSource isn't XA (MySQL Cluster/NDB storage engine doesn't
support XA).

Avoiding the XA mess and trying ConnectionFactory lookup with JNDI name
"java:/ConnectionFactory" isn't working either: this object only exists
on the master nodes local JNDI, it's not exported to HA-JNDI.  I suppose
I'll have to do remote JNDI connection to the master node?  That sounds
awful since I'll also need to detect and reconnect on master node

Does JBoss 5.1 / JBoss Messaging "fix" any of this?  I could change
targets but I'm having massive interoperability problems between 4.2 and
5.1 in other applications (several clusters with total of 300+ JBoss
application servers, "fork-lift" upgrade of our applications isn't

Any advice would be much appreciated!

¹ http://download.oracle.com/javaee/5/api/javax/jms/XAConnection.html#createSession(boolean,%20int)

² http://download.oracle.com/javaee/5/api/javax/jms/XASession.html#getXAResource()

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