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Hi Jaikiran,

I found an answer to my problem (thanks to your suggestion). I skipped some files in the structure I posted before as I assumed they were insignificant. I was wrong again. It turns out I put a +jboss-scanning.xml+ to work around the JBAS-8361 issue (richfaces with guava). I must have been blind not to see it before.

Anyhow, thanks a lot for your help.

Just for reference, this was my +jboss-scanning.xml+ file:

<scanning xmlns="urn:jboss:scanning:1.0">
    For JBoss AS 6 integration there is a conflict with guava, and
    google-collections.  JBAS-8361
   <path name="WEB-INF/classes"></path>
   <path name="WEB-INF/lib/guava-r05.jar">
       <exclude name="com.google.common.collect" />

This obviously defines the 'includes' and overrides the default scanning paths. I added the <path name="WEB-INF/lib"></path> tag at the end in order to get JBoss to scan the whole +lib+ directory.

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