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"Re: SLSB pool size is always one in jboss 6.0 CR1 using ejb 3.1"

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I have followed your link and thinking that i should change default configured annotation pool value to something like this in ejb-intersepters-aop.xml for Stateless Bean domain.?

  <annotation expr="class(*) AND !class(@org.jboss.ejb3.annotation.Pool)">
          @org.jboss.ejb3.annotation.Pool (value="StrictMaxPool", maxSize=7,   timeout=10000)

no error but i still see that each Singleton Ejb bean is referencing it's injected SLSBean as a just bean instance not as a pool instance. calls are still synchronized. 

i tried to create a new SingletonBean2 where i injected same SLSBean and started calling methods on SLSBean similler to SingleTonBean and this time two SLSBeans were created and each one associated only to their SingletonBeans. 
what i understand from this is SLSBeans that are injected into SingletonBeans ejbs are maintained as just bean instances are than pool instances.

please let me know if there is anything that i am doing wrong or expecting unusual.

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