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"org.jboss.mq.server.jmx.QueueMBean replacement issue during jbossmq migration to jboss messaging"

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With the help from jboss community, i am working on jbossmq migration to jboss messaging, till now the myQueue on jboss messaging is online, but at the Queue client side, i need to update current old codes for Compatibility, below is the target code pieces: 

QueueMBean queueMbean = (org.jboss.mq.server.jmx.QueueMBean) ServiceLocator.getInstance().MbeanLookup("jboss.messaging.destination:name=testQueue,service=Queue", org.jboss.mq.server.jmx.QueueMBean.class);

as you know, we have no jbossmq.jar, so i don't know what is corresponding to the org.jboss.mq.server.jmx.QueueMBean in jboss messaging. 

i need to use the mehods:

depths[0] = topicMbean.getMaxDepth();
depths[1] = topicMbean.getAllMessageCount();

i tried to use org.jboss.jms.server.destination.DestinationMBean, but it only has getMaxSize() for getMaxDepth(), i can not find the method has same function to getAllMessageCount(). 

if i use org.jboss.jms.server.destination.QueueMBean, it has getAllMessageCount(), but does not has getMaxSize(). 

so what could i do? 


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