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"Constructor Execution Pointcut Causing ArrayOutOfBounds"

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Java 1.6
JBoss AOP 2.1.8.GA

I have been wrestling with this for a while now. I have defined a pointcut for the execution of private constructors on classes annotated with *@EntityTXAttribute*. However, while the weaving is going on, an ArrayOutOfBounds exception occurs, and having run it through the debugger, it seems to make sense why, but I am noit sure how to fix it.

The pointcut expression is:

 *execution(public !static * @entitypojo.annotations.EntityTXAttribute->*(..)) 
 *OR execution(protected !static * @entitypojo.annotations.EntityTXAttribute->*(..)) 
 *OR execution(private @entitypojo.annotations.EntityTXAttribute->new(..))* 
or +*all public non-static methods in annotated classes, and all private constructors*.+
The method invocation interceptions work perfectly, btw.

My bean has 2 ctors, on parameterized and one not. I set a debugger break point on org.jboss.aop.Advisor line 1870 where the error occurs.
What I see is this:

The instance has an array called *constructors* which has 4 constructors in it, 2 of which I defined and 2 of which appear to be synthetic. They broadly look like this:

1. private Bean()   (mine)
2. Bean(javassist.runtime.Inner)   (synthetic)
3. private Bean(String, String)     (mine)
4. Bean(String, String, javassist.runtime.Inner)   (synthetic)

However, the array of *constructorInfos* only has 2 entries in it which are

1. private Bean()   (mine)
2. private Bean(String, String)     (mine)

The method code looks like this:

*protected void resolveConstructorPointcut(AdviceBinding binding)
      for (int i = 0; i < constructors.length; i++)
         Constructor<?> constructor = constructors[i];
         if (binding.getPointcut().matchesExecution(this, constructor))
            if (AspectManager.verbose) logger.debug("constructor matched binding: " + constructor);
*            // this is where the error occurs. Line 1870.
            pointcutResolved(constructorInfos[i], binding, new ConstructorJoinpoint(constructor));
            // if we must keep track of deprecated fields and the field is already initialized
            if (AspectManager.maintainAdvisorMethodInterceptors && constructorInterceptors != null)
               constructorInterceptors[i] = constructorInfos[i].getInterceptors();

This code assumes the number of *constructorInfos* is at least the same as the number of *constructors*, but since it is not, it throws an array out of bounds exception.

Am I doing something wrong here, or is it a bug ?

Much appreciated.


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